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164 Rudramati Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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Opening Hours

OPD: 7 AM - 7 PM
Emergency: 24 hrs

Our Infrastructure

The hospital building is an earthquake resistant, 5 storey building in the center of Kathmandu Valley within 15 minutes of downtown Kathmandu and 5 minutes from Tribhuwan International Airport.

The building and all its facilities have wheelchair accessibility. The hospital is also equipped with generators and emergency power to ensure that power outages don’t affect the hospital (even during natural disasters).

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The Pharmacy plays a vital role to ensure the safe and effective use of drugs. We go the extra mile to make the use of drugs for patients safer, following not only national regulations and international best practices but also our own standards.

Operation Theatre

Swacon has a Modular Operating Theatre (OT) with five ICU beds. These rooms have central monitoring for efficient patient care.

Ambulance Service

Swacon has 24/7 Ambulance Service available all year round. Our ambulance service is available for Emergency Pickups as well as Airport and Hotel Pickups. Swacon also offers drop offs if required.

  • Advanced Cardiac Setup with
    • Color Doppler echocardiograph
    • Treadmill Test(TMT) Machine
    • Electrocardiograph
    • Cardiac Defibrillator
  • Advanced Setup for Respiratory Disorders with
    • Bronscope
    • Pulmonary Function Test(PFT)
    • CPAP & BiPAP Machine
  • Advanced Setup for Ophthalmic Services with
    • Slit lamp, tonometer and all necessary equipment
  • Advanced Setup for Radiological Services with
    • Color Doppler ultrasound machine
    • Digital 300mA X-Ray with CR
  • Advanced ICU with
    • Critical Care Ventilator
    • Arterial Blood gas Analyzer (ABG)
    • Each bed with dedicated multiparameter patient monitor
  • Suite and Deluxe Cabins with
    • Dedicated Oxygen Supply
    • Nebulization Services
    • Glycaemia monitoring
  • Advanced Medical Laboratory Service with
    • Automatic biochemistry Analyzer
    • Hematology Analyzer
    • Microscopy and other necessary equipment
  • Advanced Dental Services with
    • Automatic Dental chair
    • Dedicated Dental X-Ray and all necessary equipment
  • Gastrology Service with
    • High Definition endoscope
    • State of art polysomnography (Sleep Study) services
    • Advance multi-channel polysomnograph with titration services
  • State of Art Modular Operation Theater with
    • Anesthesia Ventilator
    • C-Arm for complex orthopedic  and urological surgeries
    • 7-Parameter patient monitor for physiological monitoring of patient parameters
    • All necessary equipment or complex orthopedic, laparotomy, ENT, Plastic, Urology and General Surgery

Patient Services


  • Air Ambulance facility
  • Equipped with:
    • Ventilator
    • Monitor
    • Defibrillator
    • Medical personnel


  • 24 Hr Emergency Services
  • 24 Hr Electricity Backup I
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Outpatient Services
  • Assistance in coordinating with insurance provider
  • Hospital cafeteria with multi-national cuisine.
  • Hospice Care/Intensive care
  • X-Ray/Ultrasound (USG)
  • Modular OT
  • Oxygen plant


  • Infectious disease
  • Family Planning (Counseling)
  • Immunization
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Tropical disease
  • HIV/AIDS screening, treatment
  • Occupational therapy
Member of International Travel Medicine Society and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Health for All